Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Designer Spotlight: Orizzonte hood by De Waal Developments Ltd.

As we turn the calendar to October and the fall season at Faber we are focusing on a designer / developer who has chosen one of the many fashion forward Faber hoods ro add value to their kitchen, the Orizzonte. The McKernan home in Edmonton, Alberta Canada was designed and developed by De Waal Developments Ltd. This developer believes in green home building with high efficiency appliances and tight energy efficient homes. In regards to the kitchen design, this open floor plan kitchen mixes modern lighting and appliances with classic cabinetry, hard wood flooring and subway tiles. The clean lines of the Orizzonte matches well with the white clean cabinets and the smooth top cook top and oven which all contribute the light and airy feel of the kitchen design. The track lighting in the ceiling highlights the cooking area and puts the focus on the Faber Orizzonte.

Koen de Waal, C.E.T. , President of De Waal Developments Ltd. had this to say about why they chose the Faber for their project:

"We chose our Faber hood fan based on the functional and sleek design. We are impressed by both and the design aesthetic of Faber." 

The Orizzonte is a part of the Image collection by Faber and is an excellent value for this fully featured designer hood. Some of the many features of the hood are as follows:

• A powerful 600 cfm fan with a pro motor with metal impellers and metal motor housing
• Perimetric stainless steel front panels that hide the grease filters, reduce air noise and increase efficiency
• 2 level halogen lights
• 4 speed LED electronic read out control with a 10 minute intensive speed and 30 minute auto shut off timer
• Can be converted to ductless
• 6 and 8" round make up air dampers available
• A grease filter and charcoal filter change / wash reminder

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Make-Up Air Kit from Faber

Now available from Faber is a Make-Up air damper to help regulate air balance in your home and make sure your hood is getting enough air returned back into the kitchen to operate properly. For tighter homes of today where not enough air can come back into the home naturally, we now offer a kit to have a automatic damper bring fresh air back in the house whenever your Faber hood operates.

Faber Make-up Air Damper demonstration - click this link for a demo of this damper

This system makes installing a make up air system that works simultaneously with your hood a snap. Simply plug in the transformer, wire the air switch and the automatic damper. Then put the damper in a new return air duct or hook it up to your return air side of your HVAC system. Next, place the air switch on top of your hood and tape it into place and duct your hood as you normally would. For a spec sheet on this product please visit www.faberonline.com.

Friday, October 19, 2012

New Scirocco Plus by Faber

Now available from Faber is the Scirocco Plus 14" rise down draft hood.

Scirocco Plus with No Logo on top to mix and match

The Scirocco Plus is a 14" tall down draft hood that rises and lowers with the push of a button and fits behind many styles of cooking. With an unbranded stainless steel top strip, stainless covered mesh filters, built-in safety features, a variable speed slide control and your choice of a powerful 600 cfm PRO internal blower or 900 / 1200 cfm remote blowers - the Scirocco Plus delivers.

Perhaps the most unique feature is the ability to move the motor blower box that is below the counter in the front or the back of the hood. This allows use of the Scirocco Plus behind ranges, cook tops and cook top / wall oven combinations. Including remote and internal blower ducting there are 9 different directions that the duct work can be installed to make installations easier and flexible.

Our current Scirocco 8" rise hood will still remain in the product line as a builder / value alternative.

For more information you can visit our website or contact your local appliance distributor or dealer.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Faber Cristal HC Slide Out hood in Designer Kitchen

This weeks designer spotlight features Kevin Karst Design from Toronto in this stunning kitchen featuring the Cristal HC Slide Out hood by Faber.

Cristal HC by Faber in a Design by Kevin Karst

 This kitchen features high end stainless appliances and a Faber Cristal HC with an aluminum front installed. The designer comments on why he chose this hood by Faber:

“This hood subdued appearance preserves clean simple contemporary cabinet lines without compromising functionality.  I didn’t want the hood to visually compete with the beautiful fiddle-back figure of the English Figured Sycamore cabinet fronts.  I like the idea that it leaps into life only when needed.” - Kevin Karst

We couldn't have said it better! The Cristal HC is meant to integrate into your design and not become the focal point in the kitchen. When you are ready to cook simply pull the visor on the Cristal to reveal a second set of grease filters for a total of 4 filters and 19" of front to back coverage over the cooking surface. If the on/off switches on the lighting and motor are switched to "ON", then once the slider is pulled the range hood turns on and the lights come on. When you are finished cooking, simply slide the visor back in to shut the hood off. 

The beauty of the Cristal HC is how versatile the product is. In the box comes a black, white and brushed aluminum (as seen in the photo above) front strip. The hood can also accept a wood cabinet front so the hood can completely integrate into the kitchen design. With top or direct rear venting, 500 cfm motor and dishwasher safe grease filters, this slide out has the right features for your kitchen. 

For more information on this hood you can visit the product spec webpage

Kevin Karst Design can also be found on the Houzz design website

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Blue LED Electonic Control

Even the most basic canopy range hood by Faber now features an updated control set up that enhances functionality, performance and aesthetics across the board. The new Blue LED backlit controls as seen below feature: 3 speeds, a blue LED indicator light to show the current speed and lighting and a 10 minute intensive speed timer that turns the hood on for 10 minutes at the highest speed to quickly eliminate odors.

When compared to the manual slide control on previous models, the new control is a big upgrade while not increasing the hood price.

Finally perhaps the biggest upgrade to Faber's decorative collection canopy hoods are the performance and energy savings in the hoods with the new controls. A new and improved motor is now in the models using the Blue LED control hoods. The previous models used a 500 cfm, 3.7 amp motor. The new models use a 600 cfm motor using 3.2 amps. Gaining 100 cfm's and reducing energy consumption with a 10% lower amperage motor is a win-win situation.

Below is a video link discussing the new controls:

For more information on our complete line of products please visit our website

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Advanced LED controls by Faber

New to certain Faber hoods in the line is the updated advanced LED electronic controls (see photo left). You can see more about these controls by watching our Youtube video on the bottom of this post.

The Diamante hood on the left is one example of the hoods utilizing this new control system. Also, the Tratto and Stilo hoods also use this same control system.

The new control features the following:

• 3 speed electronic touch control
• A 10 minute intensive speed button
• A 30 minute auto shut off timer
• 2 level halogen lighting
• A red LED read out screen to indicate the current feature in use.

For more information on these hoods and others in the line. Please visit our website: faberonline.com

Faber - Green from the ground up

For over ten years, Faber range hoods from Fabriano,Italy has been focused on reducing their carbon footprint and improving their environmental friendliness. Please visit our website to see many new features including the electricity consumption calculator and a "Check the green facts" pdf download.

We know you have many choices when it comes to kitchen ventilation products, choose one that is green from the ground up!

As always please visit our website for more information on any of our products.
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